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Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

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Plastecowood’s recycled plastic picnic tables are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for outdoor projects where a table is needed.

Whether you are looking for picnic tables for hospitality purposes, schools or for use in countryside locations, our Smartawood™ recycled plastic picnic tables are weather resistant, splinter free and robust enough to last for years, even in harsh weather conditions.

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Sustainable Alternative

When comparing recycled plastic picnic tables with timber and other materials, Smartawood™ offers an important advantage.

Communal picnic tables must be extremely durable, weather resistant and splinter-free to ensure their longevity in high-traffic environments. However, that’s not always possible when relying on a natural material such as timber.

Smartawood™ provides a superior performance to traditional outdoor picnic table materials as it is water and fungi resistant, quick-drying (so you can enjoy a picnic even when it’s drizzling), does not rot and requires little to no maintenance to keep it in great condition for years to come. Additionally, our picnic tables are jet-washable without scarring the surface, making them extremely hygienic. No matter what purpose your Smartawood™ picnic table will serve, you can rest assured that it will surpass expectations.

Benefits of Smartawood™ Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Quick Drying
Quick Drying

Smartawood™ picnic tables are quick-drying and can be used whatever the weather.

Will Not Split, Splinter or Rot
Will Not Split, Splinter or Rot

In contrast to traditional lumber which may shrink and swell when exposed to water or moisture, Smartawood™ is water-resistant and jet-washable.

Hygienic Picnic Tables
Hygienic Picnic Tables

Smartawood™ picnic tables are jet-washable and can be cleaned regularly without causing damage.

Reduced Lifetime Expense
Reduced Lifetime Expense

Smartawood™ offers a financial advantage as it requires no maintenance or preservatives during its lifetime.

Community Picnic Tables

Strategically placed picnic tables can add a huge amount of value to local communities.

Not only do they provide  a great place to sit within the countryside and have a bite to eat, they’re also brilliant for socialising, hosting events and encouraging people to get out in nature. 

We strongly believe in the value of community and are passionate about providing the highest quality picnic tables that will last a lifetime.

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