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1.5 Million kgs of Carbon

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2021 Santander X Global Environmental Challenge

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Armed Bench with Vertical Back

This armed bench with vertical back bench made completely of recycled plastic. It is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions. This bench is extremely popular due to its authentic rustic look. It’s tough, heavy-duty, long-life and perfect for external locations and is also suitable for use as a memorial bench.

  • 100% Weather Resistant
  • 10 Year Component Guarantee
  • Made from 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Smartawood™ products reduce your carbon footprint

£385.00 Ex VAT
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How this product is making an impact

Environmental credentials ....

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plastic bottles / containers used to make this product

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of carbon saved from going to landfill

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trees saved from being cut down

Benefits of our Smartawood™ product

Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant

Every Smartawood™ product is designed to withstand any demanding external conditions. A perfect choice, whatever the weather!

Will Not Split, Splinter or Rot
Will Not Split, Splinter or Rot

With a smart, timber-like finish, our Smartawood™ products come with all the pros of timber and none of the cons as it doesn't split or splinter.

Extremely Durable
Extremely Durable

Smartawood™ is as tough as regular timber. It's rot-free and weather resistant. With no maintenance, paints or preservatives needed, it's a highly cost and time effective investment.

Made From 100% Recycled Plastic
Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

Not only is Smartawood™ a sturdy, attractive product but it's great for the environment; reducing the requirement for deforestation and all its damaging aftermath.

Technical info



Width 625mm
Height 959mm
Length 1700mm
Weight 70kg
Recycled Plastic Armed Bench - Technical Specifications

Cost comparison between timber and recycled plastic

Smartawood™ is a smart investment that will ultimately save you money in the long run. Unlike timber, being made from recycled plastic, Smartawood™ does not rot, split or splinter. With little to no maintenance needed, our Smartawood™ products are a cost-effective choice. Since the changes in regulations around CCA treatment for timber, anecdotal evidence is that the payback period for an investment in recycled plastic is even shorter than illustrated here.

Wooden Timber

Comparison to Timber Wood

Smartawood Recycled Plastic Lumber

Timber Wood

Water Resistant
Rot & Fungi Resistant
100% Recycled
Maintenance Free
Jet Washable
Receptive to Power Tools
Vandal Resistant

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