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50 Million Plastic Containers

Recycled by us each year

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1.5 Million kgs of Carbon

Saved from landfill each year

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Award Winning

2021 Santander X Global Environmental Challenge

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Made In Britain

from UK generated plastic waste

About Us

What We Do

Our Mission

Contributing to environmental sustainability by creating attractive, long-lasting Smartawood™ products.

For seven years, we’ve been recycling, processing and designing sustainable outdoor plastic wood products. Our mission is to save plastic waste packaging that is otherwise destined for landfill or incineration. We repurpose this waste, transforming it into durable and practical Smartawood™ products that require no maintenance and have a positive environmental impact.

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Tick List

Benefits of Smartawood™

  • Ecological alternative to wood
  • Does not split or splinter
  • Maintenance free
  • Rot free
  • Resistant to infestation
  • Low slip risk for decking, platforms, boardwalks and steps
  • Jet washable
  • Receptive to screws: easily drilled, sawn and joined
  • Reduced whole-of-life costs
  • No requirement for paints or preservatives
  • Does not leech
  • Reduces requirement for deforestation
  • Precludes provenance issues associated with timber
  • Does no absorb water or moisture and dried quickly
  • Weather resistant
  • Vandal and theft resistant
  • 10 year no-quibble component guarantee

How We Do It

Creating Eco-friendly, Highly Durable Products

Plastecowood has spent a decade developing the technology to turn Smartawood™ into the innovative product it is today.

We have a great passion to protect the environment, so have made sure that Smartawood™ contributes to environmental sustainability. Smartawood™ is created using a proprietary process which is the most cost effective process in the world at converting mixed plastic waste into exceptional durable products. Unlike timber, Smartawood™ has greater longevity and does not release captured carbon into the atmosphere. Smartawood™ is not only great for external spaces such as seating for eating in pubs, but it is also a uniquely ecological option for outdoor furniture.

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To Meet Your Needs

A Wide Range of Products

Each Smartawood™ is designed to last for decades.

We offer a variety of products to offer, from steps and walkways to benches and picnic tables to something entirely bespoke and designed to fit your specific needs. Our Smartawood™ products are so robust, they have a 30+ year life expectancy. Smartawood™ products are more economical and ecological than concrete, longer lasting and more durable than wood, and each product comes with a 10 year no-quibble component guarantee.

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